Our Story

Antiónetta Kenion is a Modern Day Shaman. With the resurgence of Cannabis becoming legally available, she saw the need to help educate people on the culture and emerging business ventures. She is an advocate for plant medicine in all forms. Gaining a true understanding of how plants and fungi can aid on spiritual evolution More Than Smoke was born. These tours are to show that smoking marijuana is just one way of consuming the plant, however there are so many more effective ways to consume and enjoy the benefits.


Bring awareness and education to the many uses, benefits and profitability of Cannabis. Before the prohibition of Cannabis there were compounds, oils and extracts available through pharmacies nationwide. During prohibition most people only knew of the recreational uses of marijuana as smoking and the stereotypical stigmas associated with Cannabis. With the resurgence of cannabis it has been seen as an ally with many medicinal benefits. New research and laws have allowed for the legalization of recreational use in some states. We want to ensure those who have access learn that smoking is the least effective way to receive the benefits. With more people striving to expand the genetic pool of cannabis there is so much more diversity to explore. The education we provide is basic yet in-depth with a very hands-on approach. We implore all of your senses on our tours.